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Mushroom For Chef

Cooking ideas with forest flavour mushrooms is Limitless, check out forest flavour must have collection of Amazing mushrooms for your unique and decent recipes! The custom “fine chopped mushrooms for chef” will take your culinary adventure to a new level. Highest rated custom chopped mushrooms help chef to save their time and can make their recipe look perfect in taste and presentation. We supply mushrooms that are grown and harvested with care, that make eating a pleasure, and of course healthy to eat. We pledge to treat our suppliers, our products, our customers, and one another with care and with respect. Choose from Forest flavour Global collection of cultivated, wild, organic, Dry and fresh grown mushrooms.

Why Forest flavour Mushroom for chefs:

  • Wholesale and export great selection of high-quality, great tasting, healthy mushrooms.
  • Offer great service and be a trusted source of mushrooms for your recipe
  • Supply in custom size required by chef.
  • conduct business in an honest, ethical and respectful manner
  • To achieve sustained growth and value for our customers

How We deliver it:

Finding exotic, fresh and flavourful mushrooms in perfect sizes in good quality can be a daunting task especially for chefs. We are readily available year round on call or online to deliver in perfect sizes for chef (

Pizza size- 3 mm

Wok size- 6 mm

Pasta size- 10 mm

We can cut the mushrooms quarter (in 4th)

Forest Flavour Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are available in almost all the sizes; we can harvest them directly into the container size you wish to purchase them in, please ask us for your preference.