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Over the last 10 years, the company has grown to become one of the reliable mushroom producers in the world, serving some of the largest international retailers.Driven by a passion to provide consumers with a fresh and high quality food, the company is involved in all aspects of growing mushrooms.

We produce compost, grow, pack and deliver our mushrooms to customers in six countries. We’re committed to leading the mushroom category, spreading knowledge about the benefits of mushrooms and investing in innovation and research.

Forest flavour

Mushroom Cultivation

The best season for mushrooms is autumn. Therefore the growers simulate autumn throughout the whole year. This is done in climate controlled areas called ‘cells’. The grower fills these cells with compost and waters it. A few weeks later the first mushrooms appear. The pickers ensure that the mushrooms have enough space to grow and sort the mushrooms on species, size and quality.When after a few days all the mushrooms are picked, they give the cells water and wait for new mushrooms. This cycle is called a ‘flight’. After a number of flights, they empty the cells and all the pathogens slain with steam. This is done to make the cells ready again to be refilled with fresh compost.

Forest flavour Mushrooms

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Retail selection

We pack and label Forest Flavour Mushrooms to meet the requirements of each of the stores. We are happy to welcome retailers for site inspections and streamline our quality checks to comply to each retailers’ unique requirements.

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Chef selection

Finding exotic, fresh and flavourful mushrooms in perfect sizes in good quality can be a daunting task especially for chefs. We are readily available year round on call or online to deliver in perfect sizes for chef

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Industry selection

Our expertise helps to grow healthy and tasty mushrooms. We grow, harvest the mushrooms and pack the products and deliver them to the supermarkets/firm/traders/restaurant in wholesale.


Forest Flavour Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are available in almost all the sizes; we can harvest them directly into the container size you wish to purchase them in, please ask us for your preference.